Drone Review! We are The Outdoor Guide, and being in nature is part and parcel of our working week. We love an adventure, and we will jump at the chance to see a different view! We never even considered that it could be aerial until the brilliant team at Ruko sent us one of their drones to capture the scenery on a recent team outing as part of the Challenge The Wild, Cancer fundraiser.

Ruko Drone

We were a little apprehensive about using a drone as we sometimes battle with our laptops, let alone this nifty piece of kit. The initial set-up was swift and easy enough once we realised that we should start outside in order for the satellite signal to connect! We had one rogue tree landing experience. We’re still debating if this was a pilot error or not, but it gave us the opportunity to climb a tree, so we’re not too upset.

We took the Ruko Drone on our trip to Wales, where we stayed and captured the beautiful scenery over the Love2Wales glamping site before embarking on a rafting challenge across a lake, all captured by our land-loving teammate. It was put to good use during the last part of our journey as we researched venues for our first Walk Yourself Happy Retreat launching in 2024!

Ruko Drone

Why did we like the Ruko Drone?
For beginners, It’s very easy to use, neat and compact, with good-quality smooth video. Everyone wanted a turn as it was actually a lot of fun piloting, and we were impressed with its ease of navigation. 

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