As the cost of living crisis continues to hit across the country many households are finding that they are having to cut back on the non-essential items. But if you still can hear the call of the outdoors beckoning, we wanted to provide you with our top tips for getting outdoors for less this summer.

Mappy Days

Investing in your local Ordnance Survey map (we’d recommend the OS Explorer series – the orange ones – which are perfect for outdoor leisure pursuits) can offer you countless local adventures from your doorstep. The map will show you where there is open access land, designated footpaths and cycle routes along with archaeological and nature features of the landscape just waiting for you to explore them. 

Exploring the great outdoors for less

Volunteering Fun

Many nature reserves and green spaces are run by not-for-profit organisations who often rely on the support of volunteer crews to help maintain and protect the land. Check out your local National Trust, RSPB or Wildlife Trust to see what opportunities they have that you could get involved with. Not only will it help get you outdoors and make a difference, you’ll also be meeting like minded people.

Nights under canvas

Investing in a tent and camping gear can offer you a cheaper alternative for a summer holiday or weekends away. Whilst in Scotland you are able to wild camp relatively easily, in England and Wales you must have the land owners permission first – and importantly remember to leave no trace when you pack up and go! If you’d rather be within the confines of a designated campsite, joining an organisation like The Camping and Caravanning Club can offer you discounted rates at over 1300 sites.

Exploring the great outdoors for less

Wildlife watching

If the recent BBC series Wild Isles has shown us anything it’s that the United Kingdom has some amazing wildlife right here. No matter where you are – there will be some spectacular wildlife sights to see within easy reach. Whether it’s looking for the electric blue flash of a kingfisher on a nearby river, observing the bravado of a family of urban foxes, dolphin watching from the coast or the comings and goings of the birds to a feeder outside your window. In many cases – all that it will cost you is your time as you quietly, patiently sit and wait to see who or what will appear!

Exploring the great outdoors for less

Mindful moments

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a moment to step away from the stresses and strains of day to day life and just be present. That’s why it’s called being present – because it is a gift. Even if it’s just 10 minutes to sit under a tree, to watch the clouds pass overhead or to listen to the sound of waves crash on a beach – you’ll come away from it feeling refreshed and relaxed. Whilst doing this daily has huge benefits – even if you can only do it a couple of times a week you’ll notice a difference.

Blog Author: Holly Barber