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A Local Saunter Walk, Roncombe Valley, Devon

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Walk Details
A short ramble which should help familiarise you with the exquisite environs of Lower Knapp Farm, a farmstead for many centuries, but which was substantially re-developed.

Start at the wide gate, beyond the swimming pool building. Cross the bridge, then after 30 yards veer left across a footbridge and through a gate. The hard work begins instantly. Head upwards across the field, passing a large oak, soon to be funnelled into the distant corner of the field. Ducking under the fallen branches, cross two more stiles.

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Leaving the bracken behind, keep generally left and upwards towards the trees. Another waymark indicates left and onwards towards the buildings. Cross a stile at the top of the hill and pass on through the gate. Turn 90˚ right to pass through another two gates (avoid approaching the buildings) to reach an obvious access road. Ten yards further on, turn left through a gate and accompany the left hand fencing to pass through another gate.

Maintain the same line along a driveway and at the ensuing junction swing left. The road is indicated as “private”, but it’s a right of way insofar as we (the rambling fraternity) are concerned.

Proceed as far as a farm, then swing left, pass through a gate and down the bridleway. Be prepared for a dramatic change of underfoot conditions. Troubles end when reaching the exit gate which is about 250 yards hence. From the gate veer left, descending towards the idyllically situated Old Star Combe Farm buildings.

Turn right along the access road, pass through a gate to begin a long descent towards the “main” valley road. At that point turn left and return to Lower Knapp Farm, passing several fastidiously maintained farm properties along the way.

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