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Grey Mare’s Tail & Mamore Lodge, Kinlochleven

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Grey Mares Tail
Image credit: Scott Cormie on Geograph

Walk Details
This may only be a relatively short walk, but be warned it’s a steep one as your climb up to see the Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall.

We start in the village of Kinlochlevan at the car park for the waterfall. From here we make our way northwards towards the falls. It’s easy to see how they got their name – as the white water coming down the hill side looks like a mare’s tail.

Our walk then takes us eastwards, towards an old lodge that was, until recently, used as a hotel.

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The lodge marks the highest point of our climb. From here we circle back round, in a counter clockwise direction, to the village of Kinlochleven and back to the car park where we began.

Carpark: Grey Mare’s Tail Waterfall Car Park, Wades Road, Kinlochleven

Local Information

Read the Countryside Code before venturing out
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