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Peebles to Cademuir, Lyne Station

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Peebles to Cademuir
Image credit: Charlie Sim
Peebles to Cademuir
Image credit: Charlie Sim
Peebles to Cademuir
Image credit: Charlie Sim
Peebles to Cademuir
Image credit: Charlie Sim
Peebles to Cademuir
Image credit: Charlie Sim
Peebles to Cademuir
Image credit: Charlie Sim

Walk Details
Hello, I am Charlie Sim, retired engineer living in the Scottish Borders town of Peebles. I love walking and being outdoors – and I’m delighted to be sharing some of my favourite walks here with you.

This walk starts at Kings Meadows car park.

As you head over to Caledonian Road, at the start on your left follow the path up to the next street  take a right at the end take a left this takes you past the High School onto Craigerne Lane. Turn right at the end of the lane, then left.

Ahead of you is the John Buchan Way. As you go on you’ll reach Cademuir Hill and forest, on the left is Tantalla House, this person that built the house named it after the town where he lived and worked in Egypt.

As you get to the top of the route the views back over to Peebles are fantastic, on a very clear day you can just make out the Pentland Hills, to your front view this is the Manor Valley.

Follow the route map or you can follow the signposts on the Buchan Way. There are three routes from here you can take – this route shown takes the easier of the three.

Once you reach the road, you go right to the bridge where there are picnic benches next to Manor Water. You can take a break here and view back up the route you have covered so far.

As you move on over the bridge on the right is Manor Valley Road. On the right you can take a short route along to the church and turn up onto a bridleway to the Tower House and the barns, you will see a sign for Tweed Walk – follow this back to Peebles.

On the left we head towards the Glack on the road then turn up to Haswellsykes. At the top of here you get a great view of Barns House. Follow this road till you come to a row of cottages. Here again you can shorten your walk by heading right to Barns House and the tower, walk past the tower and follow the bridleway to the style and sign tweed walk mentioned earlier back to Peebles.

We are heading left and following this forest path to an iron bridge across the Tweed to Lyne Station. This was on the railway line from Peebles to Symington, this is the old railway line path we will follow back to Peebles.

Crossing the bridge, we follow the track back towards the Manor Bridge (should you or any of your group decide to take the short cut mentioned earlier will meet up). If you feel the need to stop for rest – there’s a picnic spot below the bridge (plus you can take a dip here too if you’ve brought your swimwear).

You can also choose to walk either side of the river back to town. So looking towards Peebles on the right is the road to Manor Sware, at the top of this hill you will pass the car park and on the left see a sign post saying Peebles, follow through the forest to a style the a drove road to the houses, just follow back to kingsmeadow carpark.

On the left is a more level route that this route follows. You reach a viaduct,  where you can go through however you will need a powerful torch (the light on your mobile phone isn’t strong enough!). This brings you out at Hayston Park on the south of the River Tweed. We take the wooden steps on the left and follow the route past Neidpath Castle (a place rich in history). This brings us out at Hayston Park which is another great place for a rest or picnic. Just follow back to town and enjoy what Peebles has to offer.

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Local Information

Read the Countryside Code before venturing out
Make sure to take a map and compass, and know how to use them before going into our National Parks #BeAdventureSmart

Tips for New Walkers: click here to download (PDF).

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