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A Walk around Llangoed

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Walk Details
Car park at Llangoed (2 miles north of Henllys. The first 7.3km (4.5 miles) follows the well marked coastal path, approx 1.5 hrs walking. If it transpires pedestrian access is possible to Llanfaes, N.E. of site, this walk could be commenced from base, without the need to drive.

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Simply follow the narrow lane northwards towards Cichle, and pick up the text from the paragraph – marked * and use the earlier paragraphs for the conclusion.

The route described sets out from Llangoed. From the car park, cross the bridge and turn right (waymarker) along a concrete drive. Immediately beyond some untidy residences, swing right, along a grassed track and follow this enclosed route to reach a metal gate. Now veer left, following an obvious path through woodland, to arrive at a road.

Turn left, cross the road bridge (1863 date stone) seeking a footpath sign on the right, 25 yards beyond.

A narrow path leads into a caravan park. Bear left to reach a surfaced road and where this divides, swing right (waymark almost hidden in bush). After ten paces leave the roadway on the right, aiming towards a stile situated between two caravans.

Cross the field aiming for the white chimney stacks – Cichle (tall obelisk on the distant horizon, is close to the third, fourth and fifth tee at Henllys!) to locate an intervening stile. Cross the ensuing field in line with the obelisk, to exit at a ladder stile. Turn right along the narrow road.

*Follow the road for nearly a mile then turn left along the driveway of Tan-y-Coed. Pass between the main buildings to a waymarked gate, then proceed straight on passing through a second gate – and waymark.

Curve right, between gorse bushes, seeking a gate on higher ground, then aim towards a strategically placed waymark in the next field. What a viewpoint!

Proceed upwards passing through a wooded area, then keeping close to the left boundary, cross a field and curve left around the white painted farmhouse, departing along the uneven access track, ignoring the turn to Bod Feddau. Where the road surface changes, swing right towards a tiny church behind a white bungalow (locked) and ladder stile on the right. Cross the field to another stile near the barn, then proceed towards a tiny gate, and walk straight ahead (boundary to right) to locate another ladder stile – and the road. Turn right along the road. Immediately before a dwelling on the left, hop over a stile (waymark) and walk in a straight line across several fields, before passing to the right side of a large farmhouse, which has views without equal.

Leave along the access road, and at the main road turn left, then right, towards the church – locked during my visit.

Proceed beyond the church then leave the road on the right, at a signpost situated beyond Ty Mawr. Walk along a green swathe and cross a ladder stile. Then keeping close to the right hand boundary, look for a gate, which has been carefully positioned at the distant angle.

Now keep left to waymarkers on boundary and exit the field at another gate. Veer left for a few paces, before turning right, uphill, between the gorse bushes, to merge onto an uneven track. This track merges with the road. Turn left and stride out for the concluding 11/4 miles to Llangoed.

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Tips for New Walkers: click here to download (PDF).

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