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Red Wharf Bay and Pentraeth Forest Walk

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Walk Details
Pentraeth is five miles west of Henllys. A village of many amenities, including a bakery, petrol station, church and the ‘Panton Arms’, where Charles Dickens is reputed to have made one of his innumerable overnight stops – in 1859.

There’s a car park close to the traffic lights.

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This ramble takes in the beautiful Red Wharf Bay, and the sprawling Pentraeth Forest, said to house red squirrel, buzzard, sparrow hawk and peregrine falcon. Red Wharf Bay is undoubtedly a spectacular location. Rich coloured sands, stretching for three glorious miles.

The tiny hamlet of Llanddona is an optional extra. For that reason it has been excluded from the route set out. A short detour is included, for those wanting to risk finding the pub open!

Leave the car park following the Heritage Footpath route, down a secondary road. Cross the road bridge, then turn right at a waymark.

Proceed along a vehicle track, heading towards the sea with Pentraeth Forest away to the right.

Immediately beyond a cattle grid leave the track on the left, to walk across two fields, then along an enclosed lane.

Beyond the lane, follow the driveway to the beach. Turn right, cross a bridge. Turn right when reaching a junction, and swing left at a post box soon after.

Walk along the road, eventually passing farm buildings on the right, to arrive at an obvious junction. Veer right (waymark) treading an uneven track towards a cottage (Tyn Gait) and beyond it (will emerge from lane on right later) another junction. Take the left option, and a bit later follow the indication to Tyn Coed.

The path rises, then descends to the left merging with another track. Follow the path down and proceed along an often damp route to reach two properties.

Swing right (waymark) maintaining the previous line, going through three kissing gates to cross a ladder stile turn left to pass Côch-y-mier cottages (can’t see house until later). Follow the path around the paddock.

Exit along the driveway and turn right at the road. Pass through the village, continuing upwards, seeking the access road to Bryn-castell on the right. (If wanting to take in Llanddona, proceed further up the road and use the stile with handrail, sited on the left).

Pass to the left of Bryn-castell buildings then walk along a narrow grassed path between low stone walls (may be overgrown) and pass through a gate to the left. With distant views of Snowdonia evident, veer half right across the field.

Pass through gorse bushes seeking another gate in the middle of the fence not the corner of the filed then go across the field. Make towards the farm buildings (Hafoty) seeking an exit gate 50 yds to the left. Cross a massive ladder stile opposite, then cross the corner of the field and pass through a wide gate.

Creep along the boundary fence (to left) to another ladder stile, then continue straight across the next field, seeking a ladder stile, tucked away in the distant corner to the left. Cross the stile, then swing right, ignoring the stile on your left keeping close to the hedge on the left.

Cross two additional ladder stiles, to arrive at Rhôs Farm buildings. Pass through the complex then veer left, and with the buildings directly behind, follow a path running between hedging and gorse. After 100m or so, pass an opening on the right and then take an indistinct left fork. Pass through the tall bracken to reach a gate at the bottom.

Pass through a second gate opposite, giving access into a meadow. Cross this, aiming to the left side of a mound (on the right), then continue to a waymarked stile. Cross the stile. Swing left, alongside the fence, being ever grateful for the long sections of boarding! Hop over a stile near the field angle, then continue onwards to reach a substantial footbridge. Don’t cross the bridge – instead swing right, following a narrow, rising path where this waymarked path divides, take the right fork.

Turn left on reaching a vehicle track. March along the track to enter Pentraeth Forest, eventually merging with a major forest road – turn left (the map is misleading it suggests a sharp left turn in fact there is barely any deviation).

Proceed along a few hundred metres the broad track seeking a waymarked exit point on the right. A low indicator post points the way into the woodlands. The route is waymarked throughout with occasional glimpses of Red Wharf Bay appearing. It’s downhill all the way to emerge at Tyn Gait cottage, seen earlier. Turn left. Retrace footsteps to phone box, turn right, then left onto beach.

Turn left at the white cottage, then follow the driveway, enclosed lane and the two fields and return to car park at Pentraech.

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Tips for New Walkers: click here to download (PDF).

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