It is your worst nightmare!

An enjoyable day walking on the fells suddenly goes wrong when you find yourself engulfed in driving rain or rapidly descending mist.

You need to call for help but the battery on your mobile is flat.

Or maybe it’s something less sinister. Perhaps it’s an important call from work, or a family member who needs to contact you urgently for some reason.

Well here’s a TOG tip that will bring power to the people – get yourself a mobile solar charger.

When I am out filming for The Outdoor Guide or just walking for fun, having a source of portable power is a must. It’s on the tick list along with a map, a compass, waterproof clothing and something to eat and drink. (Oh, and letting someone know my proposed route before I set off).

You can get a fantastic range of chargers from Mobile Solar Chargers (MSC). They are small and light which makes them easy to carry. And of course – the clue is in the name – they are green friendly because they are storing solar energy.

In our increasingly connected world, the role of solar energy extends beyond powering our homes and businesses. It plays a vital role in keeping our essential devices charged and accessible, even in critical situations. Portable solar chargers, like those offered by Mobile Solar Chargers (MSC), provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for charging our devices on the go. Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness, traveling to remote areas, or simply navigating through a busy urban environment, having a reliable source of power for your phone or other devices can be a lifeline. Moreover, as individuals become more conscious of their energy consumption and seek ways to reduce their environmental impact, understanding how negative electricity bill works becomes important. By harnessing solar energy to power their devices, individuals can take an active role in reducing their reliance on traditional electricity sources and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

In that worst-case scenario earlier, wherever you are and even if you are unconscious or incapacitated, you can be found because your phone gives off a signal. BUT only if the battery is charged up!

With an adapter, you can charge your MSC battery pack, phone or SLR cameras from your car.

The range offered by MSC is fantastic. There is a pick and mix of cables and chargers and other accessories that can all be used with each other.

And one final feature I should mention is an inbuilt torch on some of the chargers. Not only is it useful, but it reduces the weight you carry in your backpack!