We were delighted to be invited to visit camping specialist Oase Outdoors at their headquarters in Denmark and look at developments for 2020 from their brands Outwell, Robens and Easy Camp.

There was a lot to take in over a couple of days but the whistle-stop tour saw us adding many items to our camping wish list.

The three brands offer comprehensive ranges of tents, awnings and camping accessories that cover the whole spectrum of making the most of life outdoors. Each has its own character and appeal. They all appealed to us!

Robens offers a wide range of opportunities including superb designs for lightweight camping adventures on foot, on two wheels and by paddling. Plus, the Outback range combines contemporary designs and modern fabrics with an outdoor heritage influence that appealed to the wilder side of our ambitions outdoors.

Products in the Easy Camp collections take campers on a journey from the carefree days of youth at festivals and on budget travel trips through to camping and travelling as a family. We were rather taken by the tipi-style Bolide 400 that sleeps up to four people in a versatile single skin tent with a central pole for fast-pitching. Just the ticket for fun weekends, festivals or days at the beach – what a cool changing room!

Outwell is our favourite family camping brand with a wide of designs featuring inflatable and poled tents, caravan and drive-away awnings plus outstanding collections of furniture sleeping bags, airbeds, stoves and all the other camping accessories you could ever wish to own.

Watching a demonstration of the Oase Wind and Rain Test facility was astonishing. It’s no wonder that you can rely on the materials and manufacturing. Though we were invited to stand inside the tent as the wind speed and ‘rain’ were cranked up, we made our excuses and hid!

2020 sees new designs throughout with more space and light-filled interiors taking centre stage in tents and awnings alongside new and improved concepts to make outdoor living easier, safer and more comfortable.

The new Outwell HookTrack System allows campers to run the wires for electrical items neatly out of the way whilst also enabling lights to be hung just where you need them. Lines can also be strung up to hang light items to air or just keep them handy.

For Oase, sleep comfort is a priority. As it is for us at TOG! The new Outwell, Quick and Quiet bedroom doors are held closed with lightweight magnets. It means you can slip in and out without noisy zips waking the family in the dead of night. Dark Inners cut out ambient light so there’s no danger of being woken up at sunrise.

Outwell Dreamboat self-inflating mats (SIMs) come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to ensure you can enjoy hours of cosy dreams through the night after fun-packed days out and about. That’s just one option in a great range of SIMs and airbeds to use with the lovely sleeping bags.

For lightweight fanatics, the new Robens Fjellguard SIMs combine foam channels with MicroThermo Highloft fibres for extra insulation. They pack down small so don’t take up much room in rucksacks or panniers.

Everywhere we turned, we found style and innovation from each brand. All had Danish design flair and a commitment to helping us enjoy our time outdoors in comfort with safety and convenience as givens.