Pure Outdoor Passion

Robens can provide a solid foundation for those wanting to pursue a back to nature outdoor adventure. Technical expertise and first-hand knowledge of camping gives Robens the know-how to design authentic high-performing products, manufactured and tested to the highest standards.

With performance, durability, reliability and value as cornerstones of the brand, a commitment to continuous and rigorous testing makes Robens equipment a safe choice no matter what you have planned.

Whether it’s bushcraft, trekking, water pursuits, or off-road exploration, Robens tents and camping accessories will help you make the most of every moment.

A sneak peak of what’s new from Robens for 2021:

There are five new tents in the Robens Adventure collection, two unique foam insulation profiles for Robens self-inflating mattresses, a small version of the award-winning Chinook Ursa tipi tent, new lightweight sleeping bags with innovative fills, and cool new furniture must-haves – including the Trace hammock.


Boulder 3
The versatile new Boulder 3 dome tent offers excellent internal height and width. It’s part of the Robens Route range of tents which meet a growing demand for entry-level technical tents that are easy to figure out and use.

Boulder 3
Boulder 3

These tents include all the essential features that up to three people need to meet the requirements of adventure parts of national award schemes, of youth organizations, and of adventurers just starting out who are looking to balance performance with a competitive price tag.

Chinook Ursa S
The Robens Outback range is perfect for wilderness enthusiasts and those making a lifestyle statement. Like its larger award-winning brother, the new Chinook Ursa tipi S model has zipped gussets on either side of the main door which when undone creates the shape of an outstretched bear (hence this tipi’s Ursa tag) to be poled out Bedouin-style for enjoying huge views from the sheltered living area.

Chinnook Ursula s

Robens has a wide range of equipment designed to complement the Chinook Ursa tipi and which similarly channels the Chinook’s modern take on retro appeal.


This year Robens introduces two high-performing insulation fills:

THERMO HYBRID DOWN − This new and exceptionally soft insulation combines the low weight and superior compression and loft of natural down with the efficient moisture management of MicroThermo Ball – a low bulk, lightweight polyester fill that mimics down properties for higher fill performance in even damp conditions.

MICROTHERMO BALL – An innovative fill comprising lightweight polyester clusters constructed to deliver down-like compression for compact packed size and loft to trap large volumes of air for insulation and comfort. Efficient moisture management ensures warm and dry performance is maintained in a high humidity environment.

Gully Sleeping Bag
Gully Sleeping Bag
Icefall Pro
Icefall Pro Sleeping Bag


“We’re continually impressed with technology advancements from Robens. Every year they bring out technical gear which is perfect for hiking in the mountains or the outback. We also love the two-tone colourways that blend in so well with natural surroundings.”