Bahé are the only brand combining performance footwear with grounding / earthing technology!

Launching in 2022, the UK based brand set out with the aim to make your time spent outdoors better, by adding grounding to the well known benefits of ‘green exercise’.

Designed for running, walking and casual use, Bahé shoes feature unique technology meaning that you can be electrically connected with the earth as if you were barefoot, when going barefoot isn’t practical.

Grounding / earthing refers to being in direct electrical contact with the earth such as when you’re barefoot on the grass or wild swimming.

Studies have shown that being grounded can have a range of benefits, in particular reducing inflammation, enhancing blood slow and improving sleep.

With our busy lives, often indoors or wearing shoes (normal shoes are insulators), there are less opportunities to reconnect with the earth’s energy. Step forward Bahé, who have created a shoe that allows you to be grounded on the go.

Our range features two styles; Recharge, a cushioned style and Revive, a barefoot-style shoe with a wide fit, flexile sole and zero drop heel.

Crafted from plant-based and recycled materials, and using a more neutral colour palette, Bahé shoes are designed to be easier on the planet and easier on the eye.

“For us, creating Bahé was about finding a way to reconnect with nature, for the good of the body and mind, so what better partnership than with The Outdoor Guide. Exercising outdoors provides us with so many benefits, so a resource for people like The Outdoor Guide is invaluable for enhancing peoples physical and mental health. Being a brand that offers ‘grounded’ shoes also makes the partnership seem so right. We love the holistic and wide ranging approach The Outdoor Guide has to helping people remain fit and healthy throughout their lifestyles.”

TOG Says ...TOG Says …

“If there’s one piece of kit that can make the difference when you’re out walking – it’s the footwear you have on. That’s why we’re delighted to be working with Bahé Grounding Shoes as they not only offer you stability but also help recharge and revive you with each step.”