Enjoying the outdoors has become an upside of this otherwise difficult time and taking regular outdoor exercise can make all the difference to how we get through lockdowns this winter.

Wearing the right footwear is so key to making the most of every moment out there, and at this squelchy time of year we don’t think you can do better than pull on a pair of Dunlop® Snugboots.

Team TOG love their Dunlop Snugboots and reckon they come into their own when the going gets wet and the mercury begins to dip. Because whether we’re out filming or testing new trails, wet weather calls for waterproof boots. And along with keeping feet perfectly dry, the Dunlop Snugboot is also marvellously warm and incredibly comfortable.

The Dunlop Snugboot is made with Purofort®, a unique Dunlop engineered material with millions of evenly distributed air pockets that make it lightweight, flexible and strong. You can forget about the painful cold toes you can get while wearing wellies – Purofort means the Snugboot prevents heat loss and gives thermal insulation to -20oC – at least.

While Purofort provides maximum comfort and stretch, Dunlop’s innovative multi-layer Purotex® material makes up the boot’s lightweight, waterproof, wear and tear resistant upper.
The boot’s stability fix inner design provides super comfy biomechanical support for every step, and an all-terrain outsole gives great slip resistance.

It all adds up to a precision engineered boot with extraordinary comfort and durability – and one that looks great too.

Snugboot styles include:

Dunlop Snugboot Pioneer
Dunlop Snugboot Pioneer – for those to follow their own path
Dunlop Snugboot Wildlander
Dunlop Snugboot Wildlander (and shorter version Trailblazer) – for those who live outdoors
Dunlop Snugboot Craftsman
Dunlop Snugboot Craftsman – for those who get the job done

Julia regularly puts in the miles with her Pioneer Snugboots, whether that’s on stage at country shows, joining in C&CC club camp outs, or splashing along puddle-lined trails on days out with her children.

Dunlop boots
Playing in the rain
Chatsworth House
Chatsworth House

“I love my Snugboots and would literally be lost without them. Whenever we head out for some family play time my boots are the first things I look for. They put an extra spring in my step whatever the weather, while keeping me warm and comfortable. I don’t do cold feet!”

If a special person in your life has been enjoying spending more time outdoors this year, a pair of Dunlop Snugboots could make a perfect gift for them this Christmas. Practical, versatile, engineered for comfort – they’re our wish list welly for year-round enjoyment of the outdoors.