Winter Comfort 2020

With winter fast approaching and the number of people finding themselves without a home rising, there has never been a more crucial time for homelessness services. According to The Big Issue, two rough sleepers died per week during the winter of 2018, a trend which is only set to get worse.

Wintercomfort, based in Cambridge, is a charity dedicated to aiding those in need. It offers basics like food and clothing, as well as counselling and training to deal with more complex needs. Their aim is to help support service users out of homelessness and direct them towards a more positive future.

Melody Brooker, Wintercomfort’s new Fundraising and Communications Officer, joined in response to the inequalities she has seen in her home city, Cambridge. As a former corporate events planner, she will be instrumental in organising fundraising efforts for those most in need. She’s looking forward to the change in career and said,

 “I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to embark upon a career path within an organisation which makes such a positive impact in our local community”.

This organisation cannot run in isolation, it takes a large team and a network of volunteers and donors to keep in running. The Outdoor Guide has collaborated with Outwell Tents for the 4th year running, providing two car loads of sleeping bags and airbeds for Wintercomfort service users. Donations like these are essential for the successful running of homelessness organisations.

Julia Bradbury, co-founder of The Outdoor Guide said,

“It’s so important to come together in these hard times and I’m proud to support the work Wintercomfort does”.

Don’t forget to follow Wintercomfort, The Outdoor Guide and Outwell Tents on social media, so you can keep up to date with what they’re getting up to and hear about opportunities to support them.

Blog Author: By Eleanor Gunn