From the gorgeous valleys of Eryri National Park to Cornwall’s secluded beaches, the U.K. offers plenty of hiking opportunities. Do you know someone who loves the outdoors? Whether your loved one prefers short strolls or overnight backpacking trips, these custom gifts ideas are sure to delight.

Best Gifts for the Hiker

1. Socks

Hikers love wool or SmartWool socks. In fact, many hiking boots cannot function without these thick, moisture-wicking socks, as they’re built with extra room inside for this purpose. 

2. Boxer

Imagine gifting them a pair of Custom photo boxer shorts, capturing a memorable moment or a breathtaking landscape from their favorite hiking trail. These boxer shorts not only offer practical comfort but also hold the power to evoke cherished memories every time they embark on a new outdoor escapade. Whether it’s the joy of discovering new vistas or the warmth of a cozy campfire, these custom pieces can remind them of the beauty and serenity of nature, making their hiking experiences even more special.

3. Stove

You might be picturing a 90-kilogram kitchen appliance, but a backpacking stove is significantly lighter. In fact, many ultralight stoves are small enough to fit in a hiker’s pocket, making them great for long-distance or overnight trips. A hot meal can improve even the roughest day outdoors.

4. Map

If you know your friend loves to hike in a certain park, give them a high-quality, lightweight map of the region. Bonus points if it’s waterproof. Or, present them with a framed, decorative map of one of their favourite hiking places. 

5. Lighter

More reliable than matches, a reusable lighter is a staple of any hiker’s pack. Use it to light a campfire or to send signals in the event you get lost. 

6. Trekking Poles

A pair of trekking poles helps you grip uneven surfaces. Trekking poles allow you to navigate rocky terrain with ease, taking some of the weight off your knees when walking downhill. They can also serve as tent stakes. 

Best Gifts for the Hiker

7. Solar-Powered Charger

Some hikers carry a solar-powered charger on the outside of their pack, especially when hiking north for a long distance. It charges throughout the day and can provide enough power to make a phone call. It’s useful in between towns or at the tops of some mountains that get cell service. 

8. Pocket Trowel

When you need to go, you need to go. A lightweight trowel is a great gift for anyone who loves long hikes. At an outdoors store, you might see plastic trowels about the size of those used for gardening, but most serious hikers use the small metal ones that look like arrowheads. They’re lighter and easier to stow in a backpack. 

9. Water Filter

Adults typically need around half a litre of water per hour when hiking. Filters let hikers take a refreshing drink from outdoor water sources. Long-distance hikers commonly carry a lightweight Sawyer Squeeze or Platypus GravityWorks filter. However, cheaper, heavier filters are fine for day-trippers. 

10. Talenti Gelato

Your friend is sure to enjoy this ice cream, but more importantly, they’ll appreciate the container. Many ultralight enthusiasts use Talenti gelato containers — which are extremely lightweight and have a screw-on lid — to cold-soak their meals in lieu of carrying a stove. Hey, even alcohol stoves are heavy after the hundredth kilometre! 

11. Sunblock

Wearing sunblock is crucial to protect your skin while hiking. If your friend likes practical gear, you can’t go wrong with a small, keychain-compatible bottle of sunblock. It makes a great stocking stuffer. 

Best Gifts for the Hiker

12. Kula Cloth

Female hikers, take note — you no longer need a whole roll of toilet paper for your overnight trips. A Kula Cloth is an antimicrobial rag that lets you wipe in the wilderness without the hassle of packing out toilet paper, saving on weight and time. Simply hang it on the outside of your pack to dry, then wash it when the day is done. 

13. Sunglasses

Is your friend lucky enough not to need prescription glasses? Gift them a pair of polarized sunglasses to protect their eyes — and look positively stylish — while hiking. 

14. Knitted Hat

Warm ears can make the difference between a miserable trip and a fun day in the snow. A thick, knitted cap makes a great gift for outdoors lovers. 

15. Backpack

It can be tough to find a well-fitting backpack for a friend, but if you know their measurements, a pack is a great gift. The best hiking packs have a cushioned hip strap that shifts the weight onto your hips. Two backpacks can weigh the exact same, but the one with the hip strap will almost always feel lighter. 

16. Sleeping Bag 

A warm, fluffy sleeping bag lets you sleep comfortably outside. Synthetic fill bags are water resistant but heavy, while down bags are lightweight but best for dry climates. 

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

There are countless ways to surprise the hiker in your life. Whether they’re planning an epic thru-hike or prefer shorter trips, there really is a perfect gift for anyone who loves the wilderness. Head to your nearest outdoor store, shop online or pass down some of your own hiking gear to present them with something truly memorable. 

Blog Author: Jane Marsh