Hiking is a simple and timeless outdoor activity, but it requires a fair amount of clothing and equipment for beginners and experts alike. These clothing brands have everything you need for a successful hiking adventure, regardless of your skill level!

Best Outdoor Clothing Brands Feature

1. Alpkit 

U.K.-based clothing brand Alpkit follows a simple motto — go nice places, do good things. This motto shines through in the company’s straightforward, functional clothing. You can find everything from waterproof and windproof camping clothes to advanced hiking equipment, including trekking poles, travel organisers and emergency supplies.

Alpkit has also received recognition for its ethical business practises, earning the prestigious Certified B Corporation status for its commitment to social and environmental causes. Although most of its sales come from the U.K., Alpkit can deliver your order anywhere in the world.

2. The OMM

The OMM specialises in trail racing, a fast-paced hiking variation that has become highly popular in the U.K. outdoor scene. However, the clothing brand still caters to hikers of all varieties. You can find every layer you might need, from compression undergarments to mid lakers to advanced insulation gear for extremely cold weather.

You’ll also find top-of-the-line backpacks, hydration and first aid supplies. Every OMM-sponsored racing event includes an Ecological Impact Assessment conducted by the company’s own personal ecologist, so you know this brand is committed to the outdoors.

3. Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the world’s most popular outdoor clothing brands, known for style, reliable performance and an unmatched commitment to sustainability. Founder and CEO Yvon Chouinard recently transferred ownership of the company to a special trust to ensure $100 million in yearly profits go directly to the fight against climate change.

The clothes themselves are also sustainable, as every product has a lifetime guarantee and a generous repair policy. You probably won’t need repairs though, since the strong recycled polyester blends and Fair Trade-certified sewing techniques make these clothes extremely durable on the trail.

Chouinard’s decision to adopt a co-ownership business model has many other benefits, including creating job growth and raising environmental awareness. It also effectively gives the company to the employees, providing a simple exit strategy for the roughly 15% of business owners without established heirs.

Best Outdoor Clothing Brands

4. Jöttnar

Jöttnar is another U.K.-based clothing brand with a vital specialty — keeping you warm and dry. Many of their clothing products contain a patented technology called DownTek, a clustered insulation material that captures and retains air to trap heat and keep moisture out. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland aren’t exactly warm, so Jöttnar’s clothes give you a massive advantage on the trail.

This brand also has a team of professional mountaineers who test out new products and give firsthand accounts of their travels to Europe’s most famous hiking destinations. Some of the latest additions include a new line of hardshell jackets, hybrid fleeces and waterproof pants.

5. Berghaus

Unlike many other clothing brands that dabble in different outdoor activities, Berghaus is 100% focused on hiking. Their website has every clothing article you could need on the trail. It also provides an unmatched assortment of backpacks for different hiking styles, including daysacks, rucksacks and holdalls.

Berghaus is also a Certified B Corporation, scoring high marks for making great efforts to keep its products out of landfills. Instead of throwing away old or damaged clothes, customers can return their items and get free repairs with the addition of recycled materials. The company has made more than 5,000 such repairs since 2021.

6. Shackleton

This clothing brand is named after the famous 19th-century Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton. As you might expect, their clothes are made to withstand the most rugged outdoor expeditions. You’ll find lots of merino wool base layers, down jackets, scarves, neck warmers and other cold-weather apparel. If you’re looking to take your hiking hobby to more extreme climates, Shackleton will help you get there.

Best Outdoor Clothing Brands

Upgrade Your Hiking Apparel

As any experienced hiker knows, hiking in suboptimal clothing often leads to a disastrous trip. You need functional clothes that keep you comfortable and maximise your athletic performance. These seven outdoor clothing brands will help you upgrade your hiking apparel and get the most out of each trip!

Blog Author: Jane Marsh