Winter Outdoor Activities to Enjoy

There is so much to love about the winter season. Sure, it’s cold outside, but watching the crisp, white snowfall out a window is a favorite pastime for many. However, your family may begin feeling a bit of cabin fever the longer you stay inside.

Studies show that three-quarters of British children spend less time outside than inmates, yet spending time outside allows them to unplug from their devices, improve sleep cycles, enhance sensory skills, and promote cognitive and social development.

So, when the temperatures dip, bundle up and take a step outside! There are so many fun outdoor activities that the entire family can participate in this winter.

Usually, colder months keep us cooped up indoors. However, the following outdoor activities are sure to help you and your family beat the winter blues …

1. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
Creating a fun scavenger hunt for your family this winter is one way to enjoy the outdoors during the colder months. Come up with a list of things to look for – pinecones, branches, rocks, and more – and cross the items off your list as you go. Add a bit of “I Spy” mystery by using descriptors only and see what everyone finds. And if you have to be the competitive type, offer a prize for whoever crosses off all of the items on their list first.

2. Build a Snowman
Is there a more exciting and fun activity for the entire family than building a snowman in the backyard? Kids will have a great time rolling snow into a giant ball, having you stack them up high, and decorating their snowman’s face with sticks and other materials. Let them get creative by dressing their snowman up in props and clothing, as well.

3. Sledding
Like building a snowman, sledding is an activity that pretty much all ages can enjoy. It’s a great feeling to feel the cold air in your face as you glide down a snowy hill. Grab a sled, saucer, or tube and enjoy time spent riding the slopes or pulling your little kids along on a walk. Just be sure to ride with the younger ones so they don’t fall off.

For Instance, When winter blankets Connecticut in a thick layer of snow, the hills beckon sledding enthusiasts of all ages to embrace the exhilarating joy of gliding down slopes. If you’re unsure about navigating the in Connecticut during this snowy season, you can find valuable information and tips on how to safely traverse these routes from The roads in Connecticut. Children eagerly clamber onto their saucers and tubes, their laughter echoing through the crisp winter air, while parents pull their little ones along, sharing in the shared thrill of this snowy escapade. Together, they carve memories on the snowy canvas, their smiles reflecting the sheer delight of this simple yet unforgettable pastime.

4. Wildlife Watching
Wildlife tourism accounts for approximately 20 to 40 percent of the global tourism industry. Many benefits of ecotourism include educating tourists about endangered species, spreading awareness about harmful eco-tourism practices, and funding conservation projects.

Now think of all the ways you can safely take advantage of wildlife watching right where you live. Wintertime offers several opportunities for observing animals in their natural habitats. You can turn it into an exciting learning experience for the whole family, from watching birds to foxes and other furry critters from a distance. Have kids draw the animals they see and look up the different species when they get home.

5. Take a Hike
Hiking isn’t just ideal for the spring and summer months. Check with your local parks and nature preserves to find out what kind of winter guidelines are in place during your visit. If you decide to go hiking with the family, make sure you find outerwear with the right amount of insulation for the chilly season. Waterproof coats with fleece insulation, hoods, and attachments for mittens and gloves are best for any time spent outside. And make sure you stay warm, as well!

6. Cozy Up With a Bonfire
What better way to wrap up a chilly day outdoors than with a cozy bonfire? Huddle together as a family with chairs, blankets, hot cocoa, and s’mores next to a crackling fire. Spend that time reflecting on your day and all the fun activities you did together.

Feel free to invite your friends and neighbours over, as well, for this fun-filled family experience.

Wintertime Is for Family Outdoor Activities
Wintertime is a great opportunity to see the world in a new light and rekindle or strengthen your family connections. Make the most of the chillier months with these family-favorite activities.

Blog Author: Jane Marsh