A mountain-themed garden display designed by TV gardener David Domoney and inspired by Julia Bradbury has raised £2000 for the BMC’s Mend Our Mountains charity.

The garden was specially created at the 2018 RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show to reflect Julia’s chosen charity, which is aiming to raise £1 million this year to repair paths in the UK’s 15 national parks.

David’s Mend Our Mountains garden display was one of three commissioned by home improvement company Everest (we’re sure their mountainous name is just a coincidence!), with more than 2,500 visitors voting for their favourites. Carol Klein’s display for Mesothelioma UK won the top prize of £4,000, with Julia and Bill Oddie both claiming £2,000 each for Mend Our Mountains and the Woodland Trust.

Julia said: “Millions of people go hiking and walking each weekend, it’s the nation’s favourite pastime. Obviously all those walking boots have an impact on the paths and we need everyone to support the Mend our Mountains appeal to keep them in good shape and this garden designed by David Domoney has raised £2000 towards the cause.”

The BMC’s Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million campaign is a call to action to everyone who values the hills, mountains and landscapes of the UK. The year-long appeal aims to raise £1 million to repair damaged paths, bridleways and bridges across our national parks.

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In May this year Julia led the ‘Great Ridge Light Night’ in the Peak District in support of Mend Our Mountains, with 600 volunteers illuminating the 2-mile length of the National Park’s treasured Great Ridge between Mam Tor and Lose Hill.

For more information visit the Mend Our Mountains website