The TOG Team

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Julia Bradbury

TV Presenter & Co-founder
Julia has dedicated her career to exploring the great outdoors.

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Gina Bradbury Fox

Managing Director 
Gina, being Julia’s sister has brought on TOG as a new and inspirational walking portal. She oversees the whole team and cracks the whip!


Eleanor Gunn

Digital Content Manager

Eleanor manages all the content on The Outdoor Guide – from blog posts to videos and everything in between. In her spare time, she likes to walk, read and occasionally write.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey

Mapping Platform
OS is Britain’s leading mapping agency and our platform for all our UK walks.

Ordnance Survey


John Godwin

Commercial Director
John lives in the cheshire countryside which he loves, but being land locked he misses the sea. However, he is happy wherever there is good fresh air and open spaces.


Jim Walker

MD of The Commonwealth Trust
The Walking “Man’s” answer to it all outdoors and founder of The Commonwealth Trust, the charity allied to TOG.

Commonwealth Walkway Trust


Tanner Nilsen

Graphic Designer & Trouble Maker
Tanner helps design the visual appeal of TOG and offers his creative input from his home in Los Angeles, where his creative juices know no boundaries!

Always in his rucksack: A ticket to the UK!


Peter Waine

Chairman of TOG and former chairman of many environmental companies including CPRE, the Tree Council and Director of the Gardens Trust. Peter has been with TOG from the very beginning.


Ian Judge

Web Designer
Ian works all hours creating the ever-expanding pages needed on TOG. He is always up for a technical challenge and has the patience of a saint!