Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide were invited to attend the Carbon Capture Day set up by Premier Paper Group and the Woodland Trust to help plant new trees. Every new tree over the years at Heartwood Forest has been planted by a volunteer and we helped the team with the last planting season of the year. The aim was to plant 2500 native tree species including Oak, Cherry and Hornbeam, and the 150 volunteers managed to plant 3000!

Top tips on planting a tree:

  • Plant in the autumn – the roots are dormant then
  • Dig the hole big enough for the whole root
  • Make sure the holes are far enough apart, at least one metre
  • Choose native species, Oaks, Beech, Cherry.

For some more native tree species visit here.

Good luck! Remember to tell us how you got on using @TOGWalks and #lifesbetterwithtrees