Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide were invited to attend the Carbon Capture Day set up by Premier Paper Group and the Woodland Trust. Every new tree at Heartwood has been planted by a volunteer and we helped out in the last planting season this year. The aim was to plant 2500 native tree species and the 150 volunteers managed 3000!

The Carbon Capture program set up by Premier Paper Group is an environmental marketing programme that helps businesses become greener. The Carbon Capture Day at Heartwood Forest is a way to celebrate business relationships and to give something back by planting trees. Species included, Cherry, Hornbeam and two species of Oak, Sessile and Pedunculate.

Heartwood Forest in Hertfordshire is the largest of the Woodland Trust’s land. It has 858 acres to explore so plenty of space for walking with the family. In the Spring Summer you can see floods of bluebells and the wildlife that inhibits this woodland is spectacular. You can see butterflies, harvest mice, voles and brown hares to name a few and there have been about 80 species of bird recorded.

There are 90% fewer hedgehogs now than in 1950, so this new woodland will provide a habitat for them and many more species. We need to stand up and protect our woodlands as more than half of our irreplaceable and complex ancient woodland has been destroyed. We need to fight, protect and restore our woodland for the wildlife that inhabits it and for our future generations to enjoy.