Finn’s Tale: Volume 1 (Julie Sandilands)

finns-tale-image-1An Unlikely Hero!
How does a quiet, shy, twelve-year-old boy deal with the village bully? – Find somewhere quiet, close his eyes and open the door to his imagination. 

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finns-tale-image-2Finn is a sensitive, young boy growing up in a mining village in the 1960s in north Yorkshire. He spends most of his spare time exploring Tyndale Wood, not far from his home, avoiding another local boy, Christian, whose sole intent is to make Finn’s life a misery.

One day, Finn stumbles across the set of two badgers, Arnold and Amelia who persuade Finn to help them investigate the strange sightings in the Wood after dark. With the help of his Gypsy friend, Ryan, Finn uncovers the secrets hidden deep in mountain known as Mount Shallien; an adventure which will change Finn’s life forever and create friendships which will last a lifetime.

Finn’s Tale is an ideal bedtime story to be enjoyed by all age groups.