The Perils of Skinny-dipping (Julie Sandilands)

Fed up with predictable relationships; fed up with the predictability of everyday life, Abbey Harris in a moment of spontaneity (or according to her mother, madness!) turns her back on the leafy suburbs of Cheshire and hops on a Boeing 747 heading for Gaborone, Botswana.

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Abbey sets to work with a charity planting trees in the immense Chobe National Park. It soon becomes very clear, however, that life will never be predictable again! Love, hate and prejudice exist side by side in the small, rural community, where at last, Abbey has to use her wits to survive.

An entertaining light read which will transport you to the dusty, hot bushlands of northern Botswana and introduce you to the variety of characters who have made it their home.

The Perils of Skinny-dipping is a story about love, cultural differences and human nature in a stunning and unique environment.