Tinkers, Trolls & Troublemakers: Volume 3 (Julie Sandilands)

tinkers-trolls-troublemakers-image-1How do you save the world?
With Miracles, Magic & Brute Strength!

Take an action packed adventure, add a touch of Cumbrian folklore, a sprinkle of Norse mythology, and a pinch of cosmic magic and you have… a new Tale.

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Hurricanes, floods and volcanic eruptions continue to cause chaos for the inhabitants of planet Earth. Finn, Ryan and Hawkeye, three reluctant adventurers, brought together by the decisive hand of fate are the world’s only hope.

tinkers-trolls-troublemakers-image-2Can the natural balance be restored before it’s too late? A path fraught with danger and a double-crossing Norwegian troll awaits. Individually, death is inevitable, but together… a delicate veil of possibility flickers in the heavens.

A rattling good read for both children and adults. This tale will ignite the imagination and take you to a place where fantasy and reality merge into one