A Gypsy’s Tale: Volume 2 (Julie Sandilands)

Magic, Mystery & Mayhem!
Take an action packed adventure, add a sprinkle of magic, a pinch of Cumbrian myths and legends and a smattering of beasties – the end result: A Gypsy’s Tale!

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Ryan is a young Gypsy boy: the year is 1967. After being banished from Tyndale by the angry villagers, he and the other Gypsies head north and set up camp in Appleby, traditionally a safe haven for the travelling community, especially in June where the traditional annual Horse Fair is held.

Ryan befriends Hawkeye, a local gamekeeper’s son and is quickly made aware that something sinister lurks in the countryside surrounding the quiet town. Forming an unlikely alliance with Ed and Ollie, (two local badgers), the boys find themselves lost in a world of intrigue and suspense. Between them, the unlikely comrades have to uncover the true mystery behind the evil, and try to stop it before it threatens not just the countryside, but the inhabitants of Appleby.

An uplifting read for both adults and children. Don’t be afraid; let your imagination take control!

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