The Outdoor Guide (TOG) team and Julia Bradbury have established TOG as a unique online resource for walking, free to access, that promotes healthy living outdoors and respect for countryside.

Our passion for outdoor adventures and commitment to nature can be summed up in what is best described as our Mission Statement:

‘The Outdoor Guide believes passionately in the value of enjoying a healthy life outdoors and aims to support those without the ability or opportunity to access and share the benefit of our great outdoors.’

Our concerns extend far beyond outdoor recreation.

Through our Eco Blogs, for instance, we spread the word about the urgent need to address the climate crisis with climate sense, working with Partners seeking change and working on solutions.

As TOG has evolved, so have our longer-term goals for the health of individuals, families, children and our planet itself.

Driven by the environmental concerns with we share with our charity partners, such as the National Trust, we are taking our commitment to change to a new level with this initiative.

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Kids and Nature benefits

Our Charity partners