Feeling low is a universal experience, and although this may not be a truly ‘depressing day’ Blue Monday is still a good time to start talking about the difficult topic of mental health and, importantly, how walking is a natural mood-booster. Positive stuff, we think you’ll agree!

Although the idea of a ‘Blue Monday’ has been widely debunked as pseudo-science, in fact, it came from a travel company’s press release in 2005. I think most people would agree that the last few years have been bluer than most. 

Still, we were inspired by this idea and have decided to bring together some beautiful walks for you to read about and hopefully do once the opportunity arises…beat the blues whatever time of year with time outside. It’s fantastic for your mental health!

Blue Monday

The first is a wheelchair and buggy accessible walk in the Peak District.
This beautiful river walk along the stunning limestone gorge of Dovedale is paved with concrete, making it an easy wander for those with lower mobility and people with small children. Kids will particularly enjoy the famous stepping stones across the River Dove, just don’t forget to pack a change of clothes in case anyone falls in.

Blue Monday

Next we’ll head across to Wales, for one of Julia Bradbury’s Railway Walks. The Walks begins in Dougellau and finishes on the beautiful north welsh coastal town of Barmouth. There are videos of Julia’s walk which you can immerse yourself in while you plan ahead for future trips. They do say that even looking at images of nature can make us feel a bit better, which is lucky because for a lot of us that’s all we can safely do!

Blue Monday

Finally on the inspiration list is our Blakeney Point walk, the North Norfolk coast is a favourite with tourists and wildlife alike. Blakeney is the perfect place to spot an array of seabirds and seals in the winter. It is a peaceful refuge, the kind of place all of us probably wish we lived during this difficult period.

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You can find Julia and Jonathan’s free mental health advice through the link below.

Blog Author: By Eleanor Gunn