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A Bavaria Walk with Julia Bradbury

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© Wolfgang Heubeck from Pixabay
© Wolfgang Heubeck from Pixabay
© Uki_71 from Pixabay
© Uki_71 from Pixabay

A Bavaria Walk with Julia Bradbury
Start: Tegelberg
This German landscape is a landscape that no walker can ignore – the mountains of Bavaria. It is the threshold of the Alps and this barrier of rock is the entre to Western Europe’s great mountain range.

The town of Fussen is the local centre for many walking activities. From here you can access mountains like the Tegelberg.

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The start of the walk begins at 1700 meters high. Thanks to the cable car that brings you to the top of the Tegelberg. But it isn’t a cheat because this is a walk that starts at the top and then works its way through 17km, down to the bottom.

From the rocky peaks around the Tegelberg, you’ll walk along an alpine ridge before descending to a hanging valley and the forests and hunting lodges of the Royal Family.

The walk heads in a downhill horseshoe, into the mountains, through a valley and out, past the famous romantic castles of Bavaria, to the flat pastures below.But all walks in these parts are drawn to Neuschwanstein, the world’s most outrageous castle, and Ludwig’s masterpiece creation. This gothic folly stands proudly above the conclusion of my walk at the village of Hohenschwangau and the alpine lakes of the valley bottom.

trainNearest Train (or tube) Station(s):
Bahnhof Füssen & Tegelbergbahn

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