Rohan Outdoor Clothing

Anywear. Everywear. Rohan is your passport to adventure and discovery anywhere in the world.

It will protect you from all that nature can throw at you, keeping you safe and comfortable in the world’s most inhospitable places. It is light, highly packable, quick drying, protective and easy to care for.

And because we know that these clothing principles shouldn’t be reserved for the wild places, everything we make is hard-working and features hidden clothing technologies.

That means you will feel the benefits whether your journey takes you through crowded cities of glass and steel or high mountains of rock and ice. Rohan gear will simply and quietly improve the way you travel through your world, every day.

Message to TOG

“We are delighted to be part of The Outdoor Guide and look forward to evolving with the website and working with Julia Bradbury and her team on the forthcoming walking series.  It’s great that we have ‘TOG’ed up’ the crew with some useful garments to keep them warm and dry during filming!”

TOG Says …

“Rohan have togg’ed up the crew for Julia’s filming shoot in Dorset, Cotswolds, Anglesey and now in Cumbria!

The men and women’s Atlas Waterproof Jackets have proven the perfect choice to keep the crew warm for this new walking series.”

Rohan Gear in use!

The filming crew didn’t leave the hotel without their Rohan waterproof coats. These coats are lightweight, bright and a great fit. Keep an eye out for more Rohan photographs from the filming of Julia Bradbury’s new ITV walking series.

Rohan and TOG

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