Sensory Walks

colin-antwisOnce upon a time I used to look into the next county with my 10X50 binoculars. Now following my audio describing experiences, I look more closer to home to see the fragile and delicate within an arms length. As well as sight, Touch and smell make up the picture of maybe fresh blooms of bluebells littering the woodland floor.

Touch the bark and feel the different characteristics of the various trees; lean on granite gate posts and sense their coolness; brush passed stone walls where damp algae caresses and colours the fingers; follow streams whose burbling leads us down the valley and let the whisper of aspen leaves draw us on to further discoveries.

When walking, whether you are disabled through a physical or sensory impairment or just age, my walks will respond to your life style, giving opportunities for an enjoyable and wholesome sensory experience. Helped too, perhaps, with a relief map of the area, or images of the landmarks and features you will meet.

Colin Antwis, “Fieldsman”

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