How to send a walk to TOG
Have you always wanted to share your favourite walk with others and inspire them to get outside and explore? Well, you’re in the right place. Here is a step-by-step guide for how to share your walk with the TOG community. To qualify, your walk has to have something special about it – be it a beautiful view, an interesting feature or a wonderful location.

If there are cafes or pubs you love to stop at along the way, let us know and we can feature them on the walk! When submitting your route please send a link to their website. If you have a route in mind but can’t go out and walk it now, OS allows you to map it out wherever you are. We think any excuse to get outside is a good one!

Here is how to share:

bullet-leaf Download the OS App 
bullet-leaf Create an account
bullet-leaf  Activate the app when you start your walk
bullet-leaf  Deactivate at the end of your walk
bullet-leaf  Export the GPX file

Using the form below please send the following information:

bullet-leaf  A one-liner that sums up the walk 
bullet-leaf  150 words description
bullet-leaf  Your verdict of the walk
bullet-leaf  2 photographs of the route
bullet-leaf  A profile photograph
bullet-leaf  The GPX file

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