In the Raleigh collection there are 21 different models of e-bikes to meet all price points and differing lifestyles. There’s the stylish and affordable Raleigh Array which starts at £1000 and is ideal for people looking to get back into the saddle after a few years out. Then there’s the more aggressive Raleigh Strada TSE which delivers a new urban cycling experience.

We’d recommend that you visit a Raleigh dealer to take you through the options, so you can choose the perfect e-bike for you. Your dealer will ensure the e-bike’s the right size for your height, take you through how it works and make sure it’s perfectly set up. Raleigh dealers offer a ‘See, Try, Buy’ service also means you can try out different e-bikes to see which one suits you best and get the best possible advice from the experts at your local shop.