I am originally from Hale, Cheshire. In 1997, my thirst for adventure took me Botswana where I taught in a large government secondary school in the capital, Gaborone. My time there inspired me to write The Perils of Skinny Dipping and tell the stories of the many amazing people I lived and worked amongst. The book is a heart-warming read which will transport the reader deep into the dusty bush-lands of the Chobe National Park, its pleasures and its darkest secrets.

I moved to Dufton near Appleby in Cumbria in 2012 to write the final instalment in the Tale series of books. The amazing landscape of the Pennine Way and surrounding fells fuelled my imagination and took the story into a world steeped in local myths and legends. Add a sprinkle of magic; a smattering of Norse mythology and you have an action packed adventure fit for any hero! The three books, Finn’s Tale, A Gypsy’s Tale and A Tale of Tinkers, Trolls and Troublemakers are an enjoyable read for both children and adults, and ideal bedtime stories. Chapter and page illustrations help to bring the stories alive.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by very talented people who have used their skills to ensure that each book has been published to a very high standard. They include artists/illustrators, proof readers, a graphic designer, and of course, an excellent printing company. I appreciate all the feedback I have received which has helped to shape the final edition of each book. The value of  your continued support is immeasurable.

I work as an English teacher sharing my passion of literature with our future authors, poets and playwrights: a responsibility I accept with pride and honour. I split my time between Fife and Cumbria now and have several on-going book projects for 2016, including building up a series fantastic walks for you and your four-legged friends which can be found on the Toggers walks link at the top of the page.

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BBC Radio Cumbria

Listen to Julie Sandilands on BBC Radio Cumbria talk about the inspiration behind books, her beautiful dog Ollie and an excerpt from A Gypsy’s Tale.


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