Proudly inclusive, Anyone Can believe that everyone should have easy access to adventures in the outdoors. Through a wealth of skills, experience and a supply of adaptive equipment Anyone Can serve a wide range of adventurers with additional needs.

Run by ourselves as a small business we are suitably flexible and adaptable to run a host of different and progressive adventures across the country. Our normal starting point is to introduce new activities over a weekend in the Lake District and then when you are addicted, venture further afield on to bigger adventures.

Chris and Vicky are adventurers at heart and we are looking forward to sharing your next adventure with you in a positive, friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Every activity includes a lovely lunch and we sell whole days. This ensures we have plenty of time to take things slow and to have a great immersive experience: we are yours for the day.

We offer both private activities where every aspect can be specific to your needs and ambitions but we also run great open activity weekends and trips where like-minded people come together to enjoy the outdoors and leave with new friends – that you will probably see on the next trip.