Rock climbing is for those who love working things out – it is literally about solving physical problems with your body: how to get from your current position to the next position needed to progress up or along the climb.

Further to the personal challenge there develops quickly a culture of collective problem solving from the team on the ground: who can see from a different perspective, the problem you are tackling. There – like all great adventure sports – is a simplicity to climbing which helps you focus and enjoy the unique experience of defying gravity on terrain near the limit of what a human can traverse.

We have a range of climbing venues that we use including wheelchair access to the base of the crag. We can also adapt systems to physically assist the climbers. Extra support on the ropes makes it easier for the climber to ascend. A parallel rope allows a guide alongside providing physical support, coaching and reassurance.

We climb both indoors and out depending on the weather and objectives of the experience. You can try climbing for the day, join us for a climbing weekend, learn to climb independently or join us on European climbing trips.


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