Being deep underground is a unique experience. The peace, beauty and darkness of the caves envelop you, and your small group in the bubble of light given off by your head torch. Caving is both humbling and exciting: a natural wonderland where every formation out-ages your whole known family tree.

Caves have formed each, with their unique character and challenges which make it a fantastic sport when adapted at the right level for our adventurous customers. From entering via a waterfall using a rope to wheeling in a wheelchair through large water-worn passageways – there are options aplenty.

People worry that they might get stuck in tight spaces, let us reassure you, that the passages are generally large – it’s normal to stand up for most of the time. There may be a crawl or two but there is never a squeeze unless given as an optional challenge.

We have a meeting point in Ingleton for Caving and as many caves are weather dependent we make final plans on the day when we meet you.


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