Glide across the lake entirely under your own power. Canoeing is silent – except for the gentle rush of water and plop of the paddles.

You will love canoeing because it is both beautifully simple and the original adventure and travel machine. You travel in comfort on raised seats and optionally supported seats. We can vary stability from a good chance of capsizing to no practical chance of getting wet (by how we set up the boats). Canoes can take us anywhere on the lake and beyond; to rivers and across whole countries.

We offer: a taste of canoeing for a day, canoe weekends (camping or hoteling on the water’s edge) and arrange extended trips to Scotland and abroad for multi-day expeditions.

As with everything we do we seek to be inclusive by default. We have a range of supported seating, transfer equipment, communications equipment, one-handed paddling accessories and the experienced staff to make your adventure brilliant.


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