The moment the air flowing over the sails gets organised something very sciencey happens – it is very complicated – but your whole body feels the moment, the boat comes alive and surges forward. It starts as a feeling in your toes and becomes a sensation in your stomach and emerges as a smile on your lips.

Sailing is a sensational sport. It is about working with what you can feel and controlling the boat to suit.
Sailing can take you around the lake, around the country or the world. It is amazing to experience the technology that created our modern world.

Sailing can be one of the most accessible adventure sports because the joy of sailing is about controlling the vessel rather than propelling it, there is little or no distance to move your own body and it is possible to be an excellent sailor with any sensory impairment.

We offer a taste of sailing days, lake sailing weekends (with camping, hotels or sleeping onboard) and extended trips in Scotland and beyond.


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