Our Story
Nestled between the rolling hills of the Lake District and the rugged shores of North Cornwall, ddipp® was born out of a passion shared by founder : Mark, Melissa, and Matt. As avid enthusiasts of the great outdoors, we founded ddipp® to blend our love for adventure with a commitment to sustainability. Our mission is to offer outdoor clothing that enhances the outdoor experience while upholding the highest ethical standards.

What We Do
At ddipp®, we believe that the right gear can transform your outdoor experience. We focus on creating products that are not only innovative and high-performing but also ethically crafted. From design to delivery, every ddipp® product is made considering the real needs of outdoor enthusiasts and the environment.

Our Commitment
Innovation and ethics are at the heart of every decision at ddipp®. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of outdoor apparel, ensuring each product supports both your adventures and our planet. By choosing ddipp®, you support a brand that cares about the environment, innovation, and most importantly, you.

“At ddipp®, our passion for the great outdoors is at the heart of everything we do. We’re excited to partner with Julia and The Outdoor Guide (TOG), as this partnership amplifies our commitment to enhancing outdoor experiences. Sharing similar values and beliefs with TOG, we hope together we can encourage more people to engage with and appreciate the natural world.”

TOG Says …

TOG Says ...

“Having the right gear can make all the difference for your outdoor adventures – and when that gear is created by genuine outdoor enthusiasts, as the ddipp® range is, you really do notice the difference. We’re thrilled to welcome ddipp® on board as a partner.”