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Walks near London

London is one of the world’s busiest cities, but it’s also surrounded by some of England’s best walking routes – with green countryside, golden beaches and stunning national parks just a short journey away.

Look at a Google Map of London, then zoom out so you can see the big, empty, green spaces surrounding it. That bit to the top left is the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and if you keep going anticlockwise your eyes roll over the North Wessex Downs, the South Downs, the Surrey Hills, High Weald and all the way to the Kent Downs. This is all prime walking country, with an endless patchwork of hills, rivers, beaches, lakes, cliffs, pretty villages and traditional country pubs to discover. So next time you feel claustrophobic in the city, jump on a train with your walking boots.

Choose your favourite walk near London from the list below, then download and follow it using one of our partner apps.